Physical Therapy Schools

Physical therapy schools primarily teach you the clinical aspects of therapy, rehabilitation and skills to help people get better and recover from their ailments. What is lacking in the school curriculum is how to market your physical therapy practice and how to run your business.

Your physical therapy degree will not tell you how to get patients to come see you. Physical therapy degree programs don't provide the entry-level physical therapist with the proper skills to make their clinic successful. Getting good results with your patients is an important part of your clinical practice but marketing your clinic is equally as important and needs to be developed as much as the clinical side of the business.

It is important to market your physical therapy practice, whenever possible and make the time each week to develop marketing strategies and implement the marketing plans. You need to talk to and inform people about what you do and what kind of services your clinic offers. In doing so, you will at least keep people informed and increase the exposure of your clinic within the community.

The many different facets of marketing is an ongoing thing that needs constant development and implementation. Marketing is not a one-time thing and expect the physical therapy practice to boom. There are so many different aspects of marketing and a physical therapist must utilize the different types of marketing and promotional practices. You need to find out what kind of marketing will work for your practice. Some therapy clinics spend lots of money on marketing each month, while other don't spend any and they both get the same results.

Don't get caught up with doing the same old marketing that other therapists are doing. Many therapists print expensive colorful brochures, prescription pads and have them sent to doctor's offices. While the doctor's just put your beautiful expensive marketing pads on a big stack of other equally expensive pads from other therapists like you.

Many therapists set up lunches for doctor's offices and try to entice them to send you more patient referrals. However, this practice is not very effective as the doctors are use to the expensive trips and incentives that the pharmaceutical companies are promoting to them. It is hard for the entry-level therapist to compete with so many incentives by the big companies.

There are so many therapists out there doing the same thing. Try to be different and make yourself memorable and stand out from the rest of your contemporaries. One thing you can do is to specialize and make your clinic offer services that are unique and different.

Therapists need to try to upgrade and learn effective marketing skills either through night school, mentoring with other successful therapy practices, or just talking to successful advertising and marketing professionals. Asking professionals in marketing is one of the best ways to gain that edge over your contemporaries and make yourself stand out.
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Physical Therapy Schools
Physical Therapy Schools
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